The National Microscopy Infrastructure, NMI, is a Swedish infrastructure for advanced microscopy and image analysis in life science. NMI was  founded in April 2016, with the financial support from the Swedish Research Council (VR-RFI) and cofinancing from the participating Universities. The four initial participating universities are: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm University (SU), Umeå University (UmU) and University of Gothenburg (GU). Since 2019 Uppsala University (UU) is also part of the NMI.


All users must acknowledge the National Microscopy Infrastructure in publications.

Depending on the context, we suggest two alternatives to put in the acknowledgement:

“We acknowledge the XX (name of imaging facility) at YY (name of the university) and the National Microscopy Infrastructure, NMI (VR-RFI 2019-00217) for providing assistance in microscopy".
“National Microscopy Infrastructure, NMI (VR-RFI 2019-00217)"

How to get access from NMI?

The National Microscopy Infrastructure invites scientists to submit their online applications for access to one of the NMI  nodes, all of which offer cutting-edge imaging technologies and expertise to make your research project a great success!

All NMI users will use this Web Access Portal as the virtual entry point to the NMI nodes that offer imaging technologies and services

  1. To identify if your project could be carried out  at one of the NMI nodes  you need  to request a project consultation with the NMI staff. For applying  a project consultation you are invited to submit an online “Application for project support” via the NMI Web Acces Portal, by clicking the button above. You will be  informed of the progress of the application procedure by e-mail.
  2. Once your application is submitted it will  be sent to the selected NMI node  for a technical feasibility review. Please, note that you may be redirected to a different NMI node than the one you have indicated in the innitial application if the project support can be better performed at a distinct node.
  3. If your project will benefit from the use of the available imaging technologies and services at the NMI nodes you will receive an invitation for a “Project consultation”. The project consultation can be done face-to-face at the node or by phone.
  4. After your application has been accepted, you will receive a message notifying  that your project have been granted support by NMI, and you will be invited to submit additional information via the Web Access Portal, including the invoice reference and adress in your user profile.
  5. At the NMI node, an effort will be made to serve you in the best possible way. You will receive hands-­on training for the technology(ies) you will use, access to equipment and materials, and expert support with data collection and analysis. You will be also made aware of health and safety regulations and provided help with accommodation arrangements.
  6. Finally, after you have completed the visit, you will be required to fill in a brief online feedback form via the  Web Access Portal

Please note: All submissions regarding user access must be done via the Web Access Portal, not by email!

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