Imaris workshop 5 October 2021

Imaris and Stockholm Universities IVMSU and IFSU present:

The IMARIS Open virtual workshop taking place on the 5th of October, covering an

Introduction to IMARIS, hands-on training and individual IMARIS 1-1 Clinic 

To reserve a seat, register here. Registration closes on the 28th of September. 

Note: the number of seats for the Workshop as well as the IMARIS Clinic are limited and will be filled on first-come-first-serve basis. Once the registration closes, those interested in the Hands-on sessions will receive a WebEx and an AmazonApp link which can be used to join the event and gain access to IMARIS on the Virtual Desktops.

To reserve a time slot in the IMARIS Clinic, please send an email with information on the labeled object and the scientific question /type of analysis to can upload your datasets no later than the 28th of September, using our Upload tool. 

Note: the IMARIS Clinic is intended to help you with your own datasets, therefore, you can only reserve a slot if you have sent us a dataset.

If you register but realize that you will be unable to attend, send an email to g.dontcheva@bitplane.comso that we can give the seat to the next person on the waiting list.

We are looking forward to meeting you in October!